What is Park Training? 

Park Training is a ministry training opportunity at Park Road Anglican Church Carlton that exists to help Christians make and grow disciples. Through a series of courses, Park Training seeks to grow: Theologically Resilient Articulate Intentional Not Afraid Christians. Whether you are 13 or 83; come and T-R-A-I-N with us!

Park Training exists to EQUIP Christians:

  • To help grow God’s kingdom by becoming NEXT-STEP TAKERS and DISCIPLE-MAKERS
  • With skills to become STRONG and EFFECTIVE in their faith
  • To help others take their next step with Jesus

When is it on?

Park Training is back in a NEW format for Term 2. We have three courses running over two Saturdays, May 18 and June 15, from 8am -12pm.

Small Group Leadership


This group is about leading a small group or bible study, Leading a small group is a rewarding ministry. This course will help you learn the basic skills including, preparing and leading a study on a passage of the Bible, and
how to manage group dynamics and prayer.


Cross Culture Awareness


This course will help you to consider what helps and hinders our cross-cultural relationships. We will learn to observe while suspending judgement and develop strategies to increase our cultural intelligence. The course will finish with a surprise cultural immersion experience.


LIFE Course Training


This Course will only be run on May 18th. We will be training people to be discussion facilitators, at the LIFE course which kicks off on Monday nights in June. Discussion facilitators play a key role in the LIFE course, so we are running a park training course to help people to do it effectively.